for a complete list of all my radio appearances, see my “shows list” on –
but my next radio appearance is –

hello fantastic fans,….

you can hear a new 1 hour “radio timperley”,…..

just log on and into and click on “listen”
(you can download it too !)

best regards
frank sidebottom

p.s. the recipe for home made lucazade is –

1. some sparkling water….
2. a egg,…
3. a packet of “cheesy watsits”
plus access to your mum’s blender….

it tastes exactly the same,…. but looks a bit cloudy with bits in !

p.s. i’m in bed for the week…..
but catch a pre-recorded radio timeperley on sunday at 7pm
playing more of the stuff you’ve sent me !

***there’s my new weekly “radio timperley” 1 hour show on sunday’s at 7pm (uk time)
which is on 1137 medium wave in the timperley area (if you’ve got a crystal set !)
but you can listen in anywhere in the world on

*** 19th july – 3pm on live from the 4th plynth, trafalgar square, london
*** 21st july – 8am real radio roadshow live from the arndale centre manchester

*** on the 30th august 2009 ….there is a “radio timpeley – beatles speciall” @ 7pm uk time
(2pm in new york etc) on

***i’m also on allfm on the 19th june at 1pm.

*** newlove fm 87.7 fm at 1pm on the 5th july.

**** wednesday 27th may onmanchester radio online at 3pm
you can listen in live on – just click on listen.

**** sunday 31st may 2009
the terry day show manchester online radio (2pm onwards)
you can listen live online at and click on ‘listen’.

**** wednesday, 22th april 2009
the terry day show, manchester online radio (2pm – 4pm)
you can listen live online on and click on ‘listen’.
i think i’m on after 3pm for about 40 mins !!!!

you can still listen to my ‘bbc radio manchester’ appearance from last saturday 11th april
by clicking on –
it’s a fantastic 2 hour show with natatlie and michelle ,…. and i’m on about 45 mins in i think !!!
i talk about and tell personal stories about “the smiths”, “john cooper clarke”, “the fall”, “oasis”, “the ting tings” and other manchester greats (including me !),… and also play records by them too,… and some live music from me !!!!
but hurry….. it’s only on till the 18th april at 11pm.