hello fantastic fans,…

you can always do 24 hour shopping @

for cd’s Photobucket

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football badges and stuff Photobucket

and somtimes even rare original artwork Photobucket

so keep logging onto my shop @
,… new things being added all the time.

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frank sidebottom

p.s. new t-shirts and world cup stuff coming soon !!!


hello fantastic fans,….

people keep asking me,… “just how many records have you made ?”….

to which i reply,…. “people,…. a lot !!!”

….. so over the next few weeks,… i will be putting together a complete list with photo’s of all my releases on vinyl, 7″, 10″, 12″, shaped picture discs, flexis, cassette, video, cd & dvd – on mymyspace site ~~~
(it’ll be in the photo album’s section under the title “my discography”.)

have you got this one ???

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or this one ???

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keep logging on for new updates to the discography,…
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frank sidebottom

hello fantastic fans,…

at last my new album is out,…..

…and if you like the full 31 track listing,… along with some special notes i’ve written for each track (not on the sleeve notes !!!)….

then just click on —>

also there’s some 3d cards and glasses too ~~~


let’s play shop ,………………. (25th sept 2009)

hello fantastic fans,…

wan’t to do some early christmas shopping ???

don’t forget that i’ll be deleating all my current cd’s by the 19th october…
when my new “e f g & h” album comes out on cherry red (cdm red 389).

so if you want any of these,… buy now before the 19th or while stocks last.
(whichever is the sooner !!!!)

“soundreel a”
“fantastic tales”
“firm favorites”
“radio timerley”

to view these items,… go to ebay now !!! —>

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frank sidebottom


hello fantastic fans,….

i’m playing shop !,….
so come with me while we window shop at some
brilliant stuff you could buy,.. if you could afford it !
(there is a bobbins “credit crunch” on you know)

*** my “radio timperley” cd

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*** my “frank’s world” dvd

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*** my “soundreel a” cd

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*** my “timperley bigshorts” puzzle and badges

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*** my “firm favorites” cd

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*** my “fantastic tales” cd

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*** my ace,… fantastic,…. and top t-shirt

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*** some of these items are to be deleted in september 2009.

don’t forget,…. you can hear 2 different “radio timperley”
1 hour shows every week now !,…………..

*** “radio timperley” on
listen now or download to i-pod, mp3, your computer etc.

*** “radio timperley” live every sunday @ 7pm uk (2pm new york etc)
on (download coming soon).

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frank sidebottom

p.s. coming soon to the shop ……
“credit crunch” ,…. my new line in chocolate bar confectionary!
a bit like a “marathon” bar ,. but containing 1p, 2p & 5p coins,..
(like a chritsmas pudding does !)…..
so not only do you benefit from a yummy chocolate taste,…
but you benefit financially too ,..
……….. just watch your teeth !!!


just up on ebay (14th august 2009)

hello fantastic football fans,….

to celebrate our relegation from the premiereship into division 1 of the
“altrincham and district amatuer sunday league” ….

i’ve produced for the start of this season (30th august) a limited edition run
of “timperley bigshorts f.c.” badges and puzzle sets…. now up on ebay….

just click on

also just out (15th august 2009) “soundreel a” 1 hour 17 track cd.

to view ~~~ click on –
just up on ebay (7th august 2009) ***** my “frank sidebottom” t-shirts…

little frank has been trying his hand at modelling !!!
for results see

just up on ebay today (19th july 2009) and only avilable for a short time…. “fim favorites” cd….
(only £4.99p ,… and money goes to comic releif too)

my “frank’s world” animation is available from me on dvd off ebay !!!

aswell as the animation…. it has extra features like “the magical timperley tour” trailer,
“the making of frank’s world”, a photogallery, plus clips of me live at the tate gallery in london
where the animation was premiered,… and a interview with me… and last’s for
aound 90 minutes .

it also comes with loads of things inside,… like a signed and stamped postcard from me,..
info sheets… flryers,… infact anything i can find round my house to stuff in it !!!
… and a special badge (or two) that you can’t get anywhere else !!!!

(the ‘davy crockett’ curtains are not included)

so just go on ebay,… and type in ‘frank sidebottom’ and look for me by the curtains….

best regards
frank sidebottom

if you’ve not seen any of “frank’s world” yet !!!…. here’s a clip…

for more info and clips,… visit –