hello fantastic fans,…


next month see’s me celebrating 25 years in showbizness,….
yes it was may 1985 when e.m.i. released my first e.p. on regal zonophone,..
,… and the rest… as they say …. “is mystery”.

if you’d like to hear where it all started,… then listen to the “firm favorites” cd
( to view, click on —> http://lnk.ms/7w9yq )

anyway,… my next concert is at “the buffalo bar”, 259 upper street, london n1, on thursday 22nd april,.. where i’ll be on with my “oh bliey big band”…

and may see’s me back doing some concert with my mate john cooper clarke, aswell as solo shows in blackburn and hull (see my “shows” list on www.myspace.com/franksidebottom for full details)


“radio timperley” is also 25 years only this year too… and to celebrate there’s the new cd “radio timperley 2” just out…
( to view click —> http://lnk.ms/66156 )

there’ll be a “radio timperley 3” cd to follow,… with a relaunch of my weekly “radio timperley” live 1 hour sunday show on manchester radio online, and there is a new website where you can download old episodes (360 radio timperley’s ~ 120 frank’s world’s etc etc) … keep subscribed for full details for the mayday launch to follow….. but it’ll be www.radiotimperley.com

best regards
frank sidebottom

p.s. “3 shirts on my line” world cup song out soon,… and keep watching “timperley tv”