hello fantastic bulletin fans,….

3d glasses on now,….

(ace 3d photo taken by the ace wetdudue)

… right,…. glasses off now for some queen in 2d,….

(filmed at “the salutation” in m/cr on 12th nov 09 by ace martin)

my next concert is at the vic club in goole on friday 27th nov,… only £4.73p to get in …. and i’ll be doing 2 fantastic sets !.

… don’t forget my live “radio timperley” 1 hour show on sunday…..(tomorrow)
** 12 noon in california ** 2pm in texas ** 3pm in new york ** 7pm in the uk
** 8pm in germany ** 11pm in the ussr ,… and in australia or japan it becomes your monday morning breakfast show at 6am or 8am !!!
listen in live on www.manchesterradioonline.com

best regards
frank sidebottom

p.s. and don’t forget,….

….the see the track listing of my new “efg&h” album…
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