hello fantastic fans,….

well in the next week i’ll be bring some new stuff to you,… in various forms !

to start with,… “tin can” launches saturday 15th august !!!!
if you don’t know what it is,…. read on,….

but it’ll be a new way to watch a new weekly “timperley telly” from me,…
plus a new weekly “radio timperley” (aswell as the m.r.o. one)….
and new way of talking and interacting with me !!! and a whole new world
of mine that will unfold over the next few months !!!! (subscribe now!)

the fantastic mosaic (done by mark kennedy) which hung on the outside
of afflecks palace in manchester,… could be finding a new home in timperley!
(that’s good)… and maybe in time for it to part of this years open top bus
“magical timperley tour” …. there will only be 3 trips on 13th sept,… so book
early if you’re thinking of going on it !!! phone mr. alston on 07966 189650 .
(there will be a few new suprise drop-off events to this years tour too !)

also with me doing the “timperley country fair” on the 12th sept,… and the l.m.r.c.a.
club on the 13th,… straight after my “radio timperley – timperley special” !!!
that whole weekend, is going to be,… very very timperley !

here’s me doing “amateur hour” at lat week’s l.m.r.c.a. show….

also – there will be some new stuff on ebay today too,… along with the t-shirts,..

don’t forget this sunday night’s “radio timperley” on m.r.o. ,….
@ 7pm in the uk (2pm in new york – 8pm in berlin etc)
listen in on www.manchesterradioonline.com and i could be playing your stuff.
(if you sent me some —- send me your ‘beatles’ cover version/tunes for my up-coming special – to ~ frank c/o manchester radio online, parkview, m9 5sh)

here’s me doing “you know my name …..

and next week you can meet me at the 4th plinth in trafalgar square on wednesday at 3pm till 4pm,… where i’ll be painting some pictures and helping “tin can” with their
london launch… then on friday morning,… meet me between 8am and 9am for the
“real radio” breakfast roadshow in the arndale centre in manchester….

…. then i’ll be heading straight off to the rhythm festival,… where i’ll be opening it
on the alternative stage at 4pm…. then on saturday (22nd august) i’ll be playing along
with “the wedding present” at their festival @ concord 2 in brighton.

anyway…. about that mosaic….

it was made in january 2006 as part of a animated title sequence for the
“frank’s world” adventure (available on ebay now)…. and was done in the
attick at afflecks palace on oldham street in manchester.

it shows me,… plus various people like chris evans (who used to be my driver),,.. mark ronson and mark radcliffe (who were in my “oh blimey big band”) ,… and mrs. merton,… who lived next door, who i helped launch her show-biz career,(by putting her on stage,on my album, my radio show & and my telly shows) …. before they all moved on and snubbed me !!!!

it is about as big as a big door,… and there is a clip on the dvd of us making it.
i drew out my face, little frank, bill and baz and “the fishmen” etc,…
then me and charlie (a reema-leema man) set up a camera and left ‘mosaic artist’ mark kennedy to take a picture every minute or so over the next month,
while he mosaiced it in !!!

the complete film of the month (which only last about 25 seconds) will be added to the reema-leema site this week.

in may 2006,… it was unvailed on the side of afflecks palace,… where it stayed for 2 years untill afflecks changed hands…. and has been stored in a wharehouse ever since….

….but now,… it could have a new home in timperley,… and hope fully in time for my next “magical timperley tour” open top bus trip on the 13th september.

history lesson over….

here’s me at “rebellion” in blackpool last week…..

so about the launch of a new internet site called “tin can”

you can find it by logging onto www.tincan.tv

it is based here in manchester,… and ,… well i’ll let you have alook yourself,
but i’ll have music, and radio shows, and video’s, and it’s own tv channel,
and forums, and loads more as the months roll by…

but don’t think it’s just about manchester,…. it’s not,… it’s world-wide !

i will be at the london launch on wednesday (19th august)…
where i’ll be painting some canvas’s at the 4th plinth in trafalgar square between 3pm and 4pm….
come and meet me and the team (little frank will be up on the plinth!!!!)

also on the 19th will be a brand new 1 hour “radio timperley” show for you to listen to on tin can,… and this can be listened too or downloaded as a podcast anytime…. with a new show being added every week !

… also to come is “timperley telly” a new weekly tv show from me !!!!

they was to be the short film of my “magical timperley tour” up and running
now ,… but they are obviously having a few bobbins problems…. but bare with them,
and anyway… you can veiw that on this site (click on video & film above)
…. log on and give it a look…. and watch it grow !!!

best regards
frank sidebottom