hello fantastic yuletide fans,….

yes christmas is coming early this year,…. (infact on sunday !!!)…
….. but more about that in a bit….

first let me say a big thank you to all who tune into my various radio shows over the last week,…. especially last sunday when i did a 3 hour afternoon show with disc jockey lady vicky on newlove fm,…. then onto my “radio timperley” show on manchester radio online,…. then back to newlove fm for another radio timperley special…. (phew !!!) ,…. and i’ll be back this sunday night at 7pm (uk time) for another hour playing stuff that you’ve sent me in – on www.manchesterradioonline.com

thank you also to everyone who gave me a ace reception in the altrincham festival parade too,…. i don’t think i’ve ever had so mant photo’s taken of me before !!

right,…. this week’s live shows are at the buffalo bar in london on saturday night where i’ll be doing a live set myself,… then kicking of the first “indioke night” ,… which is like karioke,…. but with a live band instead,…. and only doing indie songs !

here’s me doing panic with the “oh blimey big band”,…

then on sunday night ,… it’s back at the l.m.r.c.a. club in altrincham for my special
“christmas in july” night
– and everyone who comes along gets not 1,… not 2,… but 3 christmas presents to take home … (1 to watch,… 1 to listen to,… and 1 to treasure).
plus i’ll be anouncing details of my next “magical timperley tour” too…..
but the places for this years tour will be very limited.
(full details on my show’s list…. on www.myspace.com/franksidebottom )

…. i’ve just finished recording my “frank sidebottom saves coney island” release,… with 4 new songs and some poetry !.
but this won’t come out till october,… and only in the u.s.a. ! (vinyl only)….. but i will have a small amount for sale on ebay…
but brian (reema-leema) has been finishing off the pop video to go with it….
(you’ll see it here first !)

…. and next week see us start the next episode of “frank’s world” animation. it’ll be another fantastic adventure with me and little frank and a few ‘special guest’ puppets too….

best regards
frank sidebottom