hello fantastic fans,….

i’m going to london on wednesday to take my lp in ,… and also have a “reema-leema” meeting about me in japan !!!

i’m in my shed for the next 3 days finishing off my “e,f,g & h” album (at the 3rd attempt). i’ll tell you about that in a mo….

meanwhile, i’ve loaded up some more “radio timperley” eposodes on

plus there’s some news fashion shoot photo on www.myspace.com/franksidebottom

i did finish my “e,f,g & h” album off before i went to new york earlier this month,… but when i came back and listened to it again,… i decided to add and subtract some songs.
having listened to version two last week with dave on our way to play the ace concert in (old) york ,…. i’m now doing version 3.

i’ve actually got enough tracks for two albums ,…. so exspect a follow up soon.
….. but on this album you’ll hear “panic”, ” i said hey you street artist”, “1812 oveture”,
“tex sidebottom”, “fantastic sea-shanty”, “god save the queen” and the full version of the potentional hit single “mr. custard” ! (full track list to follow on wednesday after i’ve handed the finished album to cherry red records).

here’s a clip of me doing “love will tear us apart” in new york….

best regards

frank sidebottom

p.s. my next two concert are at the “witchwood” in ashton-under-lyne on saturday 9th may ,… then i’m at the l.m.r.c.a. club in altrincham on the 10th of may for my next “sunday with sidie”

this one will be a special “album preview/subbuteo night”.
so dig out that subbuteo team from your attic and who know’s … you could be playing me live onstage in the final !!!
there will be three pitches set up at the side of the room,… and i’ll be wearing my “there’s only one” referee’s outfit to get the ‘knock-out’ stage going !!!!

if you want to play in my “subbuteo bigshorts tournement” let mr alston know and he’ll put your name in the “cup draw big hat”
(and if you’ve not got a team …. i’ll lend you one of mine!!)

p.p.s. an extended blog of this with full radi/telly/concert news is on my www.franksworld.co.uk site – click on “latest news”

p.p.s. i’ll have some ace news for people in japan and berlin in my next blog.