hello fantastic fans,…

here’s a clip of little frank’s body ‘going’ at kendal calling….

and you could be going home with the new one i’ve made if you come to tomorrow night’s lmrca club show !!!!

i hope you all enjoyed me on my “proper telly  show in b/w” (colour repeat) last night ,…. there is a late late trnsmission of it tonight and another at 11.30am on sunday morning…(unless you’re out watching “the bigshorts”) ,…. but you can tune in anywhere in the world and watch it next week on www.channelm.co.uk  …. that’s good .( a “sleepover special” episode is on the way !!!!)

the “punk pastry brush puppet” has now gone to a new home (@ £7.53p)
but i’ve put some rare old copies of “oink!” comic on ebay now….


the bidding starts at 30p for this one….

best regards
frank sidebottom

p.s. i’m playing the ‘kendal calling’ festival again on the 1st august.

for details of all upcoming shows/telly/radio etc…. see my ‘shows’ list at


and for the latest on my sunday footbal team….. visit